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A Sophisticated Email Security Solution to Safeguard Your Inbox

Spam emails have become a grave issue for almost every professional and business. In fact, an inbox is one of the major gateways for malicious links, viruses, and weaponized attachments that can lead to breaches that eventually impact your business’ bottom line. Your productivity and server performance can badly hurt due to these unsolicited emails. It is critically important to find a spam filter that works effectively and provides maximum protection against viruses, malware attachments, and email threats before they reach the network.

AntiDos offers maximum email protection with the help of a comprehensive spam detection tool that prevents targeted attacks and data leaks. In addition, AntiDos Email protection tool efficiently detects and mitigates a diverse set of email security threats.

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How Does AntiDos Email Protection Tool Work?

AntiDos email protection platform is the safest solution to erase all the spam emails from your inbox. The platform is smart enough to automatically identify a spam email that contains malicious URLs and eradicates the email before it affects your business website. The AntiDos spam filter uses link tracking and other effective tools to protect users from phishing emails. It only allows real and legit emails to land safely in mailboxes.

The efficient AntiDos email protection platform allows businesses to work with greater productivity, efficiency, and safety to mitigate the cost, complexity, and risk of managing business emails.

With AntiDos spam email protection, you can:

  • Protect your email server against DDoS attack
  • Block email threats
  • Filter legitimate emails
  • Meet data regulations
  • Increase your business productivity
  • Avoid hassles and integration issues

Provide Maximum Protection Against Targeted Threats

Besides providing exceptional spam email protection, AntiDos offers protection against targeted threats such as phishing, and fraudulent and whaling attacks. AntiDos’ technology also enables your business to improve ransomware detection. AntiDos efficiently filters all inbound emails for any malicious links, fraudulent activity, malware, viruses and any advanced social engineering techniques commonly used by hackers for cybercrime and data breach.

The effective antispam tool also offers solutions for content control, data leak protection, and secure messaging while making it easier to send large file attachments without any involvement of third-party services that can put your email security at risk.

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