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Comprehensive, Cloud-based Security Solution to Safeguard Your Website

Whether you are running an ecommerce business or a digital marketing agency, it is critically important to protect your website from cybersecurity attacks. Failure to do so might result in loss of service, downtime, damaged brand reputation, and revenue slippage.

It is imperative to safeguard your business website from DDoS attacks. AntiDos gives you comprehensive website protection against a wide range of web threats. The ultimate goal of AntiDos website security solution is to provide early detection of website security breaches and protection against web threats through URL filtering.

AntiDos website security solution is especially designed for small businesses, enterprise organizations and web professionals to keep their website safe from DDoS attacks while increasing their website performance. It is flexible enough to integrate into your IT strategy and combines all the latest tools from reliable security vendors, threat intelligence and inbuilt security protection of leading networks. This will ensure your website is protected against all types of viruses, malware, DDoS attacks, and trojans.

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How AntiDos Protects Your Website

AntiDos network uses heuristic techniques to detect any malicious pattern. All HTTP/S traffic to your website is routed through the specific gateway of AntiDos network which disguises your origin server IP and continuously filters incoming traffic.

The process of DDoS filtering is based on a few security rules that deeply observe user behavior, business reputation, and HTTP footprint. The ultimate goal of DDoS filtering is to thwart DDoS attackers, while making the process invisible to real clients

Why Choose AntiDos Website Protection Solution?

Early Detection and Mitigation to Combat Complex DDoS Attacks

AntiDos network uses highly effective protection techniques to effectively detect malicious traffic or suspicious behavior by differentiating it from legitimate traffic and alerts our security staff to the most powerful attacks. AntiDos website protection service safeguards your website against all types of complex DDoS attacks such as protocol attacks, volume-based attacks, application layer attacks and more.

Worldwide Presence

Our Points of Presence are located in the USA, Canada, UK, and Canada, providing minimal latency for our valued clients all over the globe by processing traffic as close to the client as possible.

Exceptional Customer Support

If you need service or support immediately, speak with our representatives. Our dedicated operators are always ready to assist round the clock. We value your time and answer your queries promptly.

Transparent DDoS Mitigation

We focus on a multifaceted mitigation process to prevent our clients from incurring a severe DDoS attack. AntiDos offers a comprehensive DDoS prevention solution that is completely transparent. Your website users will not notice that your website or network is under protection.

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